Who we are
Casa Real is the leading Housing Development Company (HDC) that provides innovative and quality affordable housing solutions for low and middle income families in Mozambique. Legally registered in the Ministry of Justice, Casa Real aims at providing secured homes with land titles in integrated safe neighbourhoods with good access roads, social amenities like schools, police station, gardens and open space for children to play.
Casa Real is part of a global network of Housing Development Companies (HDCs) delivering affordable housing to low-middle income urban people in Africa and Asia. The Network of HDCs’s operating in Africa are in Angola, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Ghana, Malawi, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zimbabwe.


To unlock the affordable housing market so that access to adequate housing for all our clients in different cities of Mozambique is availed. At Casa Real, we transform clients’ dreams into reality by designing and building what they can afford. Our focus is to deliver quality, yet affordable housing units for low and middle-income families in integrated urban neighbourhoods.


To be the leading provider of quality, affordable and sustainable housing for the low and middle income families in Mozambique.
Core Values


We endeavor to uphold the highest level of integrity towards our clients and partners. We honestly and ethically perform our duties in all aspects of our business “doing the right thing-not the easy thing”. We understand that our individual actions are the essence of our reputation and respect as a leading affordable housing organization.


We are responsible and answerable to our clients and partners in executing our mission.


we aim to achieve excellence in the delivery of affordable housing in Mozambique


We ensure affordability without compromising good quality of housing production


We are always seeking continuous improvement in our housing production.
Business Model
We design, build and sale what people can afford. On sale now, we have T0,T1,T2, and T1+T3+
Mode of Payment
Casa Real has different possible payment methods which enables clients to transform their dreams into reality” and these are:

Cash payment

The client pays the full amount to Casa Real and house documents/title and Receipt are provided to hil there and then.


The bank provides mortgage to the client discounts the amortised rate from the salary every month.

Pay-as-you go (phase payment)

In this method, Casa Real builds the client’s house in phases as the client pays each phase. Phases are clearly defined as foundation, superstructure roofing and finishes againist which percentage is agreed with client and a contract is signed. 20% upfront payment is a prerequisite to this mode of payment.


Rua Freire de Andrade, Porta 30
Bairro – Maquinino


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