Villa Real Condominium Project
The ongoing project is executing 150 affordable housing units in Inhamizwa in a condominium setup called “Villa Real”. The principal objective of this project is to access affordable homes to low-and- middle income families in an integrated and well organised neighbourhood.
The project will unlock the market potential by unlocking the mortgage market for affordable housing in the country. “Villa Real” condominium project started with a showcase project of 10 units and are now completed and sold. The phase-out delivery of units are in propotionate to the client waiting list which integrates 4 housing typologies as outlined in 2 categories below
Casa Standard (T0,T1 T2) – 56m2
• T0 (26m2: is a basic unit (casa basica), which is one bedroom, Kitchen, bathroom and a built-up foundation with slab for future expansion to T2
• T1 contains living room, bedroom, American kitchen and bathroom, can expand to T2.
• T2 Includes 2 bedrooms, living room, American kitchen and a bathroom.
The land size for “casa standard” is 100m2 and the completed T2 is 56m2 the whole foundation is constriucted with a slub for future expansion. To facilitate families with low-incomes to realise their dreams we design and build what can afford on incremental building process. Each stage of incemental building is habitable with basic services of water and sanitation as well as electricity.
Casa Max/Maior (T1+ and T3+) – 81m2
• T1+ (Max/Maior): Contains a bedroom, a big living room, American kitchen, bathroom and a constructed foundation with a slub for expansion to T3.
• T3+ (Max Maior): Includes 3 bedrooms, a big living room, American kitchen and a bathroom.
All houses have a front space for parking a car and a backyard garden with a road area of 6m. Each completed housing unit has “certidao” linked to the sectional land title and the moither title by the title deeds registry


Infrastructure includes access roads, internal roads and drainage and these have been considerred in the master plan.


The access road has been graded by the CMB to the site from the highway and this highway provides easy access to public transport to Beira city. The main interior roads are planned to be engineered with selected soil, graded and rolled mixed designed to resist heavy trucks carrying materials. Other roads will be graded in the first instance but will be finished (with sand and marram) at the end of construction.


The main grainage infront of the Villa Real condominium will be done by the CMB and the sand that will be excavated will be used to raise the road and maram will be put on top, which will be compacted to have a well resistant road. The interio drainages will be done by Casa Real to help drain away the rin waters.


EDM (Utility company) is connecting the first 10 units from the nearest electricity poles which is is 300meters, however Villa Real condominium will need atransformer as we go along in 100 units.


High pressure water supply to the site will be connected by FIPAG from nearest distribution reservoir and Casa Real has connected a water tank and to the individual household.


Each unit is connected to a septic tank and soakway for onsite sanitation and will be emptied by home owners when full. Solid waste disposal area has been identified where the municipality will provid a waste bin and it is taken by the council when it is full.

Master Plan

The entire master plan includes, a commercial area for shops, gardens in three loactions, places for children to play and with in encloses gate.


Villa real condominium has a 24 hrs armed security guard for safety and security provided to all condominium inhabitats.

Casa Real uses appropriate conventional technology for quality sustainable housing. Units are built with good quality material, like cement blocks, iron bars concrete, cement, galvanized roofing sheets etc. We ensure affordability to costs without compromising the quality of the housing units.


Villa Real Condominium is located in a safe and integrated neighbourhood in the Bairro of Inhamizua. The neighbourhood has a policepost, and is close to the following social amenities. Primary school, hospital, public transport, churches and mosques, Market, recreational centers etc all in wakable distances


Rua Freire de Andrade, Porta 30
Bairro – Maquinino


+258 85 04 00 806
+258 86 43 93 938